‘At the Edge of the Cornish Sea’ reviewed in Cornish magazine

I am extremely pleased to announce that “At the Edge of the Cornish Sea” received a beautifully written review by Michael Chappell of Cornwall, UK. It appeared in “Cornish World” magazine. Here is what he wrote:

I heard reference to this CD album whilst listening to one of the local radio stations and the presenter’s mention of an American online music store ‘CD Baby.’ On researching this independent music retailer whom are based in the United States, I stumbled across the album ‘At The Edge Of The Cornish Sea’ and having read something of its contents decided to send for the CD via the Internet. Six days later, it arrived and I was very pleasantly surprised with its content.

In its ten tracks with a total running time of just under 45 minutes, I found that David Helfand, an Oregon based Celtic harpist, together with his small band of musicians, had created a tremendously atmospheric series of compositions played by the composer and his group with a masterful blend of Celtic harp, mandocello, guitar, keyboard, horn and drums. Mr. Helfand’s inspiration for the music was his visit to Britain during 2001. Once here, he visited his old friend, mentor and fellow harpist, Robin Williamson who lives in Wales. His journey led the composer to Cornwall for the almost mandatory visit to the Eden Project. He travelled to Bodmin Moor and then asked to be taken to Tintagel, that most mythical of places. He arrived late in the afternoon and describes himself as having an emotionally intensive experience high on the cliffs overlooking the dark, rolling sea below blackening clouds.

His composition ‘At The Edge of The Cornish Sea’ resulted followed by live performances at Eden during 2003. It is fascinating to find that a composing musician from a far away land but using instruments familiar to us in Cornwall was moved to write such beautiful music. This album fits comfortably into any Cornish/Celtic music collection and I understand that Mr. Helfand intends a return visit to Cornwall with the possibility of another performance at Eden. I so hope that his inspirational compositions are heard live here once again with the possibility of more works to follow.

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