Through the Portal CD Celebration Concert /Planetarium Concert Series with three shows

“Through the Portal” Concert in Planetarium June 3, 2017 – 7:30pm to 9:00pm Experience a musical performance like no other with Through the Portal — the new instrumental album written by harpist David Helfand and violist Justin Lader set to fulldome… { READ MORE }

A bittersweet review

San Francisco-area music producer and journalist Michael Diamond recently wrote a wonderful review of Justin and my new album, “Through the Portal,” interviewing both of us and taking the time to really understand what the project was all about. We were saddened… { READ MORE }

‘Through the Portal’ video

Here is a video promoting our new album, “Through the Portal.” You can learn more or purchase the album here.

Story about ‘Through the Portal’ on Oregon Jewish Life website

Oregon Jewish Life published an article about David’s new CD with Justin Lader, “Through the Portal.” Writer Joseph A. Lieberman explores the inspiration behind the album. Read it here.

August greetings, ‘Through the Portal’ the journey has been completed

Greetings to you all, Hope you have all had a wonderful summer. After a wonderful time in the San Juan Islands, the summer journey forward, abounded with many adventures performing with Justin on our fourth Northern CA tour with special shows at the… { READ MORE }

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