Allan Frewin Jones

A good friend of mine who lives in London, who is a prolific writer and author of young adult novels. He has written the series The Faerie Path and numerous novels. His latest novel is the Warrior Princess with it’s sequel coming out soon.┬áHe is published by Harper Collins. The Warrior Princess is a wonderfully written story for all to enjoy.

David Burham: Custom Electric Violins

David Burham is the incredible violinist who has played on my CD’s, Callings From the Quiet Grove, Beyond the Sea of Reeds and At the Edge of the Cornish Sea. David has performed with me in many concerts and performances over the years. He is also a violinist in the Eugene Symphony, has played with the Oregon Mozart Players and is a member of Eugene’s favorite dance band, the Sugarbeets. He also builds exquisite custom electric violins and has a web site that features his incredible creations. Please feel free to visit his site.

New Music Label

Where singers, musicians and artists meet record labels, music managers and scouts. New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of music careers.

ACCHORD Music Mentorship Program

This is a very special program that I co-founded with Bob Clayton in Eugene, Oregon around 1999 which offers a Music Mentorship program for At-Risk youth in Lane County who partake of services offered by the Looking Glass organization. Through the M & M program, youth are offered a free acoustic/electric guitar, bass or keyboard after taking ten lessons with our volunteer music teachers. Donations of instruments or funds are always welcomed and contact info is on the M & M web site.

Smiling Ear Internet Radio

Smiling Ear is a wonderful Internet radio show hosted by Steven Parente in Hilo, Hawaii who has featured my music and wrote a review and blog about my work.

Eden Project

The incredible environmental retreat in Cornwall that hosted my ensemble during our first UK tour.

Robin Williamson

Co-founder of the highly inspiring and influential The Incredible String Band. Robin has been one of major influences and sources of inspiration over the years and one of the musicians who inspired me to play the Celtic Harp. Incredible String Band site is at

Peter Gabriel

One of my early heroes and former singer of the British Progressive rock group, Genesis. I had the great fortune of ┬áseeing Peter with Genesis during the “Selling England By the Pound” and the “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” tours in the 1970s.

Peter Hammill

The singer and main song writer of the British Progressive rock group, Van Der Graaf Generator.

Tony Garone

One of my great friends and fellow musicians in Arizona who had me collaborate with him on one song on his debut solo CD, “The Epic of Gilgamesh.”

David Nigel Lloyd

A wondrous balladeer, musician and friend from CA who I first met through Robin Williamson. He has numerous CDs.