Art and music

I took part in a wonderful event organized by a group of artists who call themselves MuseArt. Musicians and artists gather at a venue in Eugene, and the musicians take turns performing while artists sketch, draw or and paint us.

I wanted to show you some of the images the artists made while I was playing.

This one is by Merideth Ferrell.

by Merideth Ferrell

Merideth’s watercolor-pastel paintings can be seen at New Zone Gallery 164 W.Broadway, Eugene, OR. She also runs Ferrell Apparel, and her hand-painted silk scarves are at Folkways 1801 Willamette St., Eugene. She also has silk paintings at Mind Power Gallery Reedsport, OR. Merideth can be reached at Ferrell Garden Studios 3450 Danna Ct. Eugene, Or 97405; 541-484-4076.

And here are two drawings by Becky Uhler.

by Becky Uhler

by Becky Uhler

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