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A dance created around ‘First Light’

Hope you are having a good year so far. As the winter winds blow and much of the land is covered with snow, I send you my warmest wishes for a year of joy. At the end of January, I… { READ MORE }

Songs from ‘Memories and Stardust’ in a video

Hope you have been enjoying the flow of the seasons with fall turning once again toward winter as the great wheel of time turns once more. A friend of mine named Risa Bear has added music from my “Memories and… { READ MORE }

Art and music

I took part in a wonderful event organized by a group of artists who call themselves MuseArt. Musicians and artists gather at a venue in Eugene, and the musicians take turns performing while artists sketch, draw or and paint us. I wanted to show… { READ MORE }

Free downloads now available

Greetings, I send you all my very best wishes. Thank you for visiting my site. I am very happy to announce that I can now offer you free MP3 downloads of two tracks from each of my solo CD’s. The… { READ MORE }

Inspiring trip to Israel

Greetings, I send you all my very best wishes for the new year. I have recently returned from my second journey to Israel and had a profoundly inspiring time while visiting the sacred city of Safed, the Sea of Galilee,… { READ MORE }