‘First Light’ coming soon; show at Jo Fed’s in Eugene

I am very happy to say that I am about a month away from releasing my new CD “First Light.” After a year and 10 months of recording, mixing and producing, I am very excited to present my latest work.

This album was a major production. It was a thrill and honor to record this CD with 10 of my good friends and co-musicians. Their talents and passion helped create the aural tapestries that unfolded on this recording.

Once the album is out, CD Baby will carry the CD and help send it into the digital realm.

I am also very happy to announce that I will be performing for the first time at Jo Federigo’s in Eugene, which is a wonderful venue and club.

I will be performing with my group, The Majestic Ensemble, Sunday May 17.

Once the CD is out, I hope to organize the CD release concert for sometime in June, and have the whole ensemble perform the album live in its entirety.

Thank you all for listening. May you all have a joyous spring.

Best wishes,


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