• Jan 6 2024

    David Helfand & the Majestic Ensemble/Viking Brewing/Jan 6th/First show of the new year

    Eugene, OR

    6:00 p.m. • Viking Brewing • 520 Commercial St. • Viking Brewing is located at 520 Commercial St. in the more industrial part of town. They also have an establishment on Willamette St, but we are playing the one on Commercial St. There is no cover charge and they have great food and beverages. We play from 6- 8 p.m. For directions, from either W.18th or W.11th, drive up to Bertelsen, make a right on Bertelsen and a left of 5th St. Drive up 5th and Viking Brewing is located on your left crossing Commercial St. If you are up for joining us, it will be so wonderful to see you for our first show in the new year. Sending you all my very best and lots of love, David