Julie Brown – Bend, OR Library Concert July,2015

I am Julie, sitting in the first row with my parents. I just wanted to share with you some of the thoughts I had today at your concert that blew me away. It was like a meditation, a journey in… { READ MORE }

David MacDonald

David Helfand adds a good measure of peace to the spirit. The energy from his musical performances envelopes your body and intertwines with your blood to provide for a refreshing and comforting sense of well-being. This is what he aims… { READ MORE }

David Pauli

Every year for the past six, Celtic Harpist David Helfand has performed at the Hillsboro Library to overflow crowds. People look forward to his appearance and enjoying the soothing sounds of his music. The audience also is very responsive to… { READ MORE }

Linda Safarli

At Woodinville Library (Woodinville, Washington), we had a concert called “Music From Distant Lands.” The concert was performed by David Helfand and Justin Lader. David and Justin were brilliant. Their music was so beautiful. David and Justin performed a variety… { READ MORE }